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10 criteria for joining the club of specialists in Web3 technologies and cryptocurrencies


You need to meet 3 of any of these criteria


1. Knowledge of the fundamental concepts of blockchain and decentralization.

2. Experience working with smart contracts and understanding their functioning.

3. Ability to develop and audit decentralized applications (DApps).

4. Understanding of Web3 protocols and standards such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, IPFS and others.

5. Knowledge of cryptography principles and security in the context of cryptocurrencies.

6. Ability to analyze and assess the cryptocurrency market and trends in the Web3 sphere.

7. Experience working with various blockchain platforms and their development tools.

8. Skills in smart contract auditing and security.

9. Ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with other specialists in the field of Web3 and cryptocurrencies.

10. Demonstration of active participation in the Web3 and cryptocurrency community, such as participating in hackathons, conferences, or contributing to open projects. 


Entrance to community