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Blockchain Representative offices

We are proud to announce that we`re the first and only ones who proposed the concept of the universal daily beneficial use of the blockchain.
Platform Billcrypt pl will make the blockchain necessary for literally everyone.

We introduced new concepts:
BR - Blockchain Representation
ViP - Virtual image Part (Part of the virtual image)
IVO - Initial ViP Offering

BR - Blockchain Representation
Any company, professional community, specialist in any field will be able to create its own Blockchain Representation. BR can also be created for goods and in general for everything that needs historical information reliability.

Blockchain representation (BR) is created by users in the form of decentralized applications (DApp) on the blockchain with a comfortable interface.

On the basis of the platform, an interblockchain infrastructure of technological and economic properties is being built, uniting blockchain projects and projects of the real sector.

We are creating a multifunctional decentralized integration system.
Such a single comfortable environment will allow everyone to create their own BR, forming a unified system of guaranteed trust.

This will lead the development of any business to a new unprecedented level.

Investment properties embedded in the system will allow you to most effectively develop your business, establish profitable partnerships and promote each other economically. Due to the synergy effect, receive multifold benefits.

For investors, this will be the most understandable and illustrative structure, which allows, by looking at the Virtual Image (Virtual image Part - ViP), to quickly and reliably evaluate the represented businesses, and make profitable investment decisions.

For ordinary users, this will be the easiest and most reliable way to select specialists, services, products.

Virtual image Part (ViP) is a unit of reputation value, an innovative way to express a level of trust in monetary terms and pass it on to someone else.

To do this, it will be possible to conduct a new intra-platform type crowdsale - IVO (Initial ViP Offering)

For the effective functioning of the entire potential of the platform and the investment ecosystem, a universal digital asset of a new generation has been created - the Evolutionary BILLCRYPT Token of the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain.

It`s simultaneously:
• digital asset value storage,
• a privileged club card that provides access to Blockchain representative offices and project functions,
• a kind of ticket to enter the closed pre-sales of the system’s projects,
• internal digital currency to pay for the functions of the Blockchain representative offices for which you can also acquire new crypto assets in the form of tokens of other projects. Each such token, in turn, also gives significant privileges to holders and users, and increases their welfare.

The constant development of the platform, the growing popularity of Blockchain representative offices, the increasing demand for tokens, provide Billcrypt with evolutionary properties and make it an indispensable financial tool.
03.07.2019 - 23.04.2020
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Big data
  • Business services
  • Communication
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Infrastructure
  • Internet
  • Investment
  • Legal
  • Platform
  • Smart Contract
  • Software


Expanding platform capabilities;<br />
World expansion BR & BILLCRYPT.
Launch full-featured BR;<br />
Integration solutions;<br />
Start open pre-sales partnership projects;<br />
Start ICO partner projects.
launch of all platform functions;<br />
Launch of BR with basic functions;<br />
Launch of IVO (Initial ViP Offering);<br />
Start on the platform of partnership projects;<br />
Start closed pre-sales of partnership projects from the pool;
The complex of works on the technical and economic<br />
development of the platform;<br />
Test period BR & ViP.
Platform Integration with External Resources<br />
Running test BRs on the platform;<br />
ViP testing;<br />
Increased market presence;
ITO start Round 2 Oct.11, 15:00 UTC<br />
Platform development, infrastructure, design, layout, MVP<br />
Applications for exchanges<br />
Completion ITO Dec. 16, 20:00 UTC or when the Hard cap<br />
Exchange Listing<br />
Completing BILC Distribution <br />
BILLCRYPT exchange trades start<br />
Development Economic BILLCRYPT <br />
ITO start July 03, 13:15 UTC <br />
Price 1 BILC = $ 1<br />
Legal<br />
Bounty campaign<br />
Coordination of terms with exchanges <br />
Round 1 ITO Completion Sept. 30, 20:00 UTC<br />
BR concept extension;<br />
Modeling of system processes;<br />
Introduction of term and concept of IVO (Initial ViP Offering);<br />
WhitePaper v.3;<br />
Language localization (French, Spanish, Korean, German,<br />
Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.)<br />
Marketing, PR & advertising before the start of Token Sale;<br />
Connecting to the project key figures of the crypto world;<br />
Negotiations with institutional investors.
Project process modeling;<br />
Introduction of terms and concepts of BR and ViP;<br />
Creating innovation economic model;<br />
WhitePaper v.2;<br />
Negotiations with institutional investors.
Continuing work on the project<br />
and economic system<br />
WhitePaper v.1 development finished<br />
Creating a project site<br />
October 18 - start of the final stage of the closed pre-sale<br />
Price 1BILC = $ 0.6<br />
Minimum to purchase 10,000 BILC = $ 6,000<br />
November 16 - open pre-sale (acceptance of<br />
applications)<br />
Price 1BILC = $ 0.75<br />
Minimum to purchase 20,000 BILC = $ 15,000
Test period;<br />
Continuing the development of the project, the economic<br />
system and the security system;<br />
08 08 2018 issue BILLCRYPT - emission 152 000 000 BILC<br />
Closed pre-sale: price 1BILC = $ 0.5<br />
Minimum to purchase 10,000 BILC = $ 5,000<br />
Conversion of investment funds from existing (early)<br />
investors to BILLCRYPT
Development of the project, the economic system and<br />
security system;<br />
Negotiations and conclusion of agreements with project<br />
partners, current participants of the investment group;<br />
Writing a Smart Contract for Token BILLCRYPT;<br />
Preparing for closed pre-sale;<br />
June 27 launch of BILLCRYPT (test version);<br />
Start of accepting applications for closed pre-sale, price<br />
1BILC = $ 0.5
Concept formation;<br />
Technologies, tasks, solutions.
The emergence of the idea to create a unified multifunctional blockchain platform for existing enterprises,<br />
investment projects and investors.


Aliaksandr Kotau
Director of Regional Development
Zied Chaabane
Advisor, MENA Region Representative, Fundraiser. Co-Founder of the first crypto holding company in the MENA Region
Rubab Arshad
ICO, IEO ADVISOR, Marketing, Promotion & Growth Consultant, Exchange Listing
Deepanshu Bhatt
ADVISOR, Fundraiser, Blockchain Consultant, Ambassador in Singapore.
Zahid Imran
Investment banker, TOP ADVISOR, ICO EXPERT, Representative in the UAE
Daniel Grieg
Siarhei Lutsenka
Director of Business Development
Evgeny Kulikov
Artur Holzwert
ICO, IEO, STO ADVISOR, Digital Marketing Consultant, Fundraising Promoter
Shehzad Khan
Hamza Khan
ICO ADVISOR, Consultant Developer, Stellar Blockchain Expert, Listing Agent Of Exchanges


Required Investments:

Soft cap:

10 000 000 USD

Hard cap:

80 000 000 USD
Total token supply:
345 454 545 coins


  • Whitelist: No