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Carbon Offset Initiative

Carbon Offset Initiative is a green solution for waste and data traceability in different industrial spheres, using innovative blockchain technology to enhance productivity in collecting, tracking and recycling waste from different sources.
Our mission is to help organisations and enterprises save energy, reduce costs and build broader commercial value while addressing environmental and social issues.
07.10.2019 - 07.01.2020
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Finalisation<br />
Final development and prototype tests of COI’s quality and<br />
quantity eco sensors, before mass production and<br />
implementation in tanks. Upgrading of COI’s hardware and<br />
software to be more compatible in transparent traceability waste<br />
management systems on different markets and for different<br />
App development<br />
Beginning of COI App development for Android, iOS and Microsoft<br />
users with high security protocols and transparent data tracking<br />
through blockchain ledger. GPS and weather satellite monitoring<br />
connected to COI waste traceability platform and made more<br />
Waste Traceability Platform<br />
Research and development for COI waste traceability platform in<br />
middle phase. COI’s quality and quantity eco<br />
sensors prototypes ready for testing in bunker and slops tanks.<br />
Smart contracts connected with COI circulation tokens for<br />
verifications of different processes<br />
between subjects.
Further R&amp;D<br />
Version 2 of technical and white paper, further<br />
development and update for crowdfunding period. COI wallet<br />
improved and ready for ICO/IEO to begin!
Climate change awareness<br />
Organized meetings with government officials, companies<br />
executives and funds representatives and venture capitalist in<br />
order to raise awareness of climate change and present our<br />
sustainable solution and innovative disruption in one of the<br />
biggest industries that pollutes the Earth.
COI blockchain security<br />
COI wallet security improved,<br /> connected to blockchain platform, testing on COI<br />
token done and tokens are publicly ready for pre-sale. PRE-ICO/IEO<br />
began! Crowdfunding with discounted prices of COI tokens.<br />
Partnerships with exchanges, companies and institutions<br />
Research &amp; Development<br />
Version 1 of technical paper and whitepaper issued, research and<br />
development of hardware and software for COI waste traceability<br />
platform began. updated and COI token created.
COI team<br />
Initial COI team assembled and<br />
started improving sustainable mission, creating<br />
framework for whitepaper and technical paper and developing<br />
short-term and long-term business plans for Europe, EMEA, Africa<br />
and Asia.
CSS &amp; UM partnership<br />
Official partnership between Clean Sea Services and Urban<br />
Management signed in Ljubljana, Slovenia. UM’s tech team started<br />
developing new blockchain platform. CSS dev
Carbon Offset Initiative (COI) as idea was born. Primary mission to<br />
increase global awareness about climate change, pollution<br />
negative effects and global warming issues.
UM’S afforestation actions<br />
UM has planted 10.000 trees in order to cut CO2 from the<br />
atmosphere and decrease already enough polluted air in Balkan<br />
region. CSS started pollution and regulation research on African<br />
CSS’s waste treatment<br />
CSS started new research and development for increasing<br />
productivity of existing oil waste treatment modules, while UM<br />
was preparing land for new afforestation project and doing lab<br />
and geo research of land quality and<br />
Sustainable approach<br />
CSS &amp; UM started discussion about sustainability, climate<br />
changes and<br />
potential partnership.
Urban Management DOO (UM)<br />
established in Belgrade, Serbia with a vision to disrupt industries<br />
with technology such as blockchain and software solutions with<br />
wide implementations, from marketing, through real estate and<br />
hospitality to ecology, and beyond.
Clean Sea Services SA (CSS)<br />
established in Nyon, Switzerland with a mission to clean<br />
unwanted waste and save the environment with plug-in modules<br />
and know-how experience collected from all around the world.


Drupad Diwan
Ada Huang
Digital Media Manager
Marko Mitrović
Crypto Trading Expert
Cindy Ngarambe
UN & NGO Representative
Akshat Rawat
Shipping Industry Advisor
Stéphane Alec
Strategy Advisor
Susanne Ström
Business Finance Advisor
José Lamas
Dessy Todorova
Jas Bagri
Vuk Bjelajac
Co-founder & CEO
Jean-Christophe Vautrin


Required Investments:

Soft cap:

5 000 000 USD

Hard cap:

47 000 000 USD
Total token supply:
704 225 352 coins


  • Whitelist: No