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Crypto Commonwealth

Crypto Commonwealth is a scientific publisher and asset manager on blockchain that aims for the welfare of the most. We designed rich tokenomics for our publishing and investment ecosystem. The global COMM payment network endows all explorations of new knowledge with value, revolutionizing the value seeking processes in both industries with fair compensation. We have a professional portfolio management team in conventional assets and cryptos. The platform enables quantitative researchers to focus most of the time on alpha modeling.The fund and publisher operations as well as alpha and content mining promote diverse use cases for our COMM token.

CBND or ‘C Bond’ is the world’s first Crypto Bond. It shares certain features in common with Convertible Bond in the traditional market but with significant simplifications. The token sale is essentially on the crypto underlying, COMM, the main token issued by Crypto Commonwealth, with three different lock periods: CBND6 for six months, CBND3 for three months, and CBND for one month. When these locks are over, 1:1 and one-way redemption would be offered to convert each CBND to COMM, the main token. This will be done via either smart contracts or trading pairs in prestigious exchanges. For each CBND (including CBND3 and CBND6) issued, the same amount of COMM is locked until the day of redemption, preventing any possible inflation on the COMM supply. All redeemed CBNDs would be burnt immediately by the COMM team. The remaining and circulating CBNDs in the market, if any, would share the same tokenomics with COMM and continue to persist.

We are actively designing and developing a dedicated COMM mainnet, which absorbs major advantages of best crypto projects and will support text or file storage too. In the future, all issuance of new strategies, standalone and copyrighted materials such as books and publications will be based on the COMM mainnet. We invite distinguished portfolio managers to host their strategies with us. And we already own many good strategies across global instruments to tokenize. Moreover, we have several books scheduled for publication with the COMM ecosystem, and will invite excellent authors to publish their books or preprints, raise initial funds and prepare for massive dissemination. All these subprojects will be based on the COMM mainnet, or migrated to it eventually. The COMM ecosystem will support issuance of new tokens at ease, and incubate the best of them for fundraising and commercialization.

The fundraising of subprojects in COMM would start via smart contract even before the mainnet goes online. This may be the first step of our mainnet development.
01.03.2020 - 31.12.2025
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Big data
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Infrastructure
  • Investment
  • Media
  • Platform
  • Smart Contract


Journal inception
Main net launch
Mature Blockchain based funds
Use case consolidation
Token sale Round 3
E-print website operation<br />
Token sale Round 2
New backtesting platform and alpha mining
Token sale Round 1; article and guest writer program
Article program launch & content mining
Exchange listing, initial IEO
Foundation launch, airdrops and social network campaigns, pre-ICO
Legal, regulation and compliance
Token development & advisor searching
Fund launch
Partner searching
Team and influence building
Logo design and social endorsement
Initial publications and website construction
Proof of concept
Preparations<br />


George Lai
Advisor, derivative pricing expert and senior quant in investment banking.
Krystelle Galano
Marketing advisor, social media strategist, crypto and blockchain evangelist.
Yu Tian
Advisor, UCAS professor and doctoral supervisor. Visiting scholar at MIT.
Sean Brizendine
Senior Blockchain advisor, lecturer and researcher. ICO Bench expert.
Hamza Khan
Advisor, top blockchain expert, ICO analyst and senior marketing specialist.
Veronica Lee
Visual and interaction designer, UX/UI specialist and web developer.
Jane Yang
Quant researcher on full modeling cycle, Ph.D. at National Univ. of Singapore.
Winston Dai
Machine Learning Engineer, Ph.D. Research Assistant at MIT EECS.
Jackey Yan
Co-Founder, serial entrepreneur and technical, savvy investor.
Zhiyu Zhang
USDC core developer, senior blockchain engineer at Circle, wallet dev expert.
Simon Cocking
Chief editor. Renowned business mentor, fundraiser and public speaker.
John Gan
Machine learning scientist, course designer & PhD at Harvard University.
Wayne Yee
Founder, quant portfolio manager, tokenomist and philosopher.


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