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Crypto Jade

We are committed to changing the world by allowing the public to pay for Jade with our coin safely and easily. We believe the future holds a strong demand for cryptocurrencies. Especially coins and tokens that have utility use like the Jade Coin. The jade market is huge and is expected to grow for the foreseeable future. The jade market is located all over the world. The largest market for it is in Eastern Asia. However, most of the Jade is mined in North America. With the utilization of Jade Coin, it is beneficial for both the buyer and seller of jade. The blockchain that Jade Coin is built upon is completely unique and tailored for the jade industry. It boasts a self-sustaining ecosystem that will integrate all aspects of the market.
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January 2019
Continue with acquiring partnerships;<br />
Continue with developing and updating wallets;<br />
Surprise Crypto Jade platform;<br />
Additional exchange listings.
Development of four major wallets; iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac;<br />
The Jade Coin blockchain is developed and deployed;<br />
Private sale begins;<br />
Initial exchange listing of Jade coin.
Legal formation of the company Crypto Jade LLC;<br />
Development of website;<br />
Whitepaper creation;<br />
Apply to major exchanges;<br />
Token creation.
Continue with acquiring partnerships<br />
Continue with developing and updating wallets<br />
Additional exchange listings<br />
Surprise Crypto Jade platform
Development of wallets (iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices)<br />
The Jade blockchain is developed and deployed<br />
Private sale begins | $0.01 per coin<br />
Initial exchange listing of Jade coin
Legal formation of company<br />
Development of website<br />
Whitepaper creation<br />
Apply to major exchanges<br />
Token creation


Valter D. Ribeiro
Project Manager
Manikandan Kandan
UX Designer
Ajay Kumar
Assistant Developer
Mirza Baig
Product Designer
Ayyappan Mookaiya
Technology Team Leader
Abdul Raheem
Cameron Kallhoff


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