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DAIN is for AI as Airbnb is for accommodation: a decentralized computing network governed through blockchain and specialized in solving AI problems.
DAIN enables you to rent the idle computational power of your devices, smartphones and computers in order to be used by companies solving AI problems.
For companies, DAIN provides a safe space where they can sell, rent and share knowledge, solutions, data and infrastructure securely to create, consume and execute AI.
AI service providers can make their resources and knowledge available to others without intermediaries, while ensuring they never lose control of their data.
For AI consumers, DAIN is in essence a marketplace where they can have access to all of these, with reduced time-to-market at the lowest possible cost.
DAIN ecosystem provides a business layer that allows the creation of new business models and customer relationships, connecting companies, partners and customers in the same place.
Welcome to DAIN, AI unleashed.
27.01.2020 - 27.04.2020
  • Artificial intelligence


DainServices set-up<br />
go-to-market service provider and integrator<br />
<br />
DAIN MVP productive
Testnet launch<br />
Concept Demo Release<br />
<br />
IEO 3.0<br />
IEO 2.0 with additional exchanges for extended reach<br />
IEO 1.0<br />
Research Article Publication <br />
PoC Industrial Use Case<br />
<br />
Industry alliances<br />
Token Private Sale <br />
Telefónica &amp; Eleven Paths LoI sign off <br />
Selected in the fifth edition of the acceleration program of Bankia Fintech by Insomnia<br />
<br />
<br />
Agreement with SecondWindow to provide development workforce<br />
<br />
DainWare funded<br />
White Paper published<br />
Funds raised from 8 angel investors<br />
Advisor Board<br />
<br />
Agreement with Universidad Pontificia de Comillas to fund a research project on DAIN<br />
<br />
DAIN technical design complete<br />
DAIN network conceptualized<br />


Daniel Yume
Andrés Contreras Guillen
Head of AI Solutions
Luis Garcia Lorente
Jesús García San Luis
Carlos Díaz Conde
Business Development & Strategic Alliances
Luis Garcia San Luis
José Ramón García Luque
Co-founder & CEO


Required Investments:

Soft cap:

100 000 USD

Hard cap:

500 000 USD
Total token supply:
600 000 000 coins


  • Whitelist: No