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DeNet is a completely decentralized data storage & web hosting service. We are targeting at building a new decentralized network for providing and leasing IT capacities for hosting, storing and processing of data all over the world. DeNet aspires to become an ‘on-demand’ infrastructure decentralized platform which is secure, cheap and of high-quality.

Our goal is to correct the fundamental inefficiency of the web hosting market, related to the non-use of free computing power, which can be used within the framework of sharing economy concept. Therefore, bringing revenue to their owners and solving the client requests much cheaper and for a number of tasks with higher quality than traditional centralized storages. You can test our storage right now.
  • Internet


2019 3
- New Partnerships to be announced<br />
<br />
- Developing Distributed Computing Application<br />
<br />
- Intensified development of our network
2018 2
-Approaching South Korea market<br />
<br />
-Alpha version of Storage and its API<br />
<br />
-Partnership with Daplie (home server developers)
2017 1
- Hypothesis testing and market analysis<br />
<br />
- Alpha version of Hosting released<br />
<br />
- First Partnerships: with Eggs and GigaWatt


Vasily Sumanov
Adviser, Russia
Enrique Martinez
Adviser, USA
Andrey Bogomolov
Adviser, USA
Andrei Kulik
Adviser, Switzerland
David Hwang
Adviser, South Korea
Dave Carlson
Adviser, USA
Simon Cocking
Adviser, Ireland
Jim Blasko
Adviser, USA
Kirill Nikolaev
Adviser, Switzerland
Meret Danatarov
Front-end Developer
Ramazan Mardigallyamov
Anton Polikasov
Core Developer, devops, miner-apps
Faeel Zaripov
Core Developer, backend, security
Adil Amirov
Core Developer, backend, security
Danis Sabitov
Core Developer, backend, security
Iskander Nizamov
Project manager
Denis Shelestov
Maria Titova
Amir Malikov
Business development Asia
Pavel Litvyakov
Olga Belonozhko
Rafik Singatullin


Required Investments:

Soft cap:

3 000 000 USD

Hard cap:

24 500 000 USD
Total token supply:
1 000 000 000 coins


  • Whitelist: Yes