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Digital Telecom

Digital Telecom is set to disrupt to current telecom market. Technology changes and telecom markets are, besides testing 5G, staying behind. Hijacking sim-cards, privacy-invading in so many ways and rising costs are the reason we want to stand up and give it to the people. The DiTe token is the only way this ecosystem can work. You will pay and also recieve DiTe tokens for being in the network.
03.01.2020 - 30.04.2020
  • Communication
  • Cryptocurrency


Token Sale and Marketing<br />
Targeted marketing strategy. Reliable solutions for our token sale and promotion. Social media created.
Funding<br />
Looking for a seed investment so we can raise funds to go live.
ICO and Token Design<br />
We suggested some potential ideas to a peer group and came out with the chosen designs and name.
Legal Review<br />
International ICOs may need to consider US regulations to avoid falling foul of the SEC in the event of US persons acquiring tokens.
After being in crypto and blockchaintech for a few year, and in businesses from 18 years old.<br />
Making your hobby into your work. There are still so many problems in the world that need to be dealt with. So step by step we can make it better. We saw more and more sim card jackings appearing. In 2017, 750,000,000 people where a potential victim for this. And if you are in crypto you know how much $ you can loose. And this is not the only problem. The monopoly position of telecom providers is enormous. They can ask and charge you anything, and only thing you can do is sign the papers. in the beginning you paid for calls, texts and web. Later you paid only for texts and calls, internet was free. a year later you pay for internet and calls. You don't know what is coming next.<br />
<br />
White paper, road map and strategy<br />
We know the problem, we found a solution. Now put it on paper and decide how to make it succeed.<br />
<br />
Coins created, wallets generated and ICO route decided<br />
decide which fast and usable network we will use. Create the coins and decide how to roll out the ICO.


KS Mendoza
28 age
Mike van Vlerken
34 age


Required Investments:

Soft cap:

250 000 USD

Hard cap:

3 000 000 USD


  • Whitelist: No