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Reckoon is shaping the future of the retail industry by providing
Blockchain & AI enabled Global Shopping Platform as a Service.

At the core of our End-to-End shopping ecosystem is the
Global WishBasket Shopping Protocol (GloWS), providing a standardised and universal way to fulfil the shoppers WishBasket. This gives the retailer a deeper insight into the intent of the shopper and will facilitate inter-retailer collaboration for a better outcome for both retailers and shoppers. Retailers/brands will be able to integrate GloWS Protocol with their supply chain via APIs.

Reckoon implements a Progressive Personalisation approach based on AI & ML. Making it easier for shoppers to provide the required information at the right time for the right reasons. It is combining the best of both online and in-store to leverage the social power of online with instant-gratification of physical shopping experience.

Our aim is to simplify and integrate the blockchain advantage into the mainstream retail industry.
10.03.2020 - 06.04.2020
  • Infrastructure
  • Platform


Q4 2022
Additional feature integration<br />
Developer API. Local Reckoon events across the globe<br />
service expansion.
Integration of charity/donation<br />
module supporting UN’s<br />
sustainable development goals. regional based expansion.
Q4 2021
Development &amp; Integration of<br />
AR/VR modules. Marketing for retail and consumers in<br />
rest of the world.
Development and integration of<br />
Analytics &amp; payment module<br />
Reckoon launch<br />
Development of AI/ML modules,<br />
adding a .visual search feature. partnerships with government bodies<br />
and consortium.<br />
Marketing for retail and consumers in<br />
Asia and America
Q4 2020
Reckoon user teaser app launch<br />
GloWS Protocol, Blockchain<br />
application development<br />
POS integration module. Team expansion.<br />
Onboarding of retailers securing<br />
Reckoon user application<br />
development . PR and Marketing<br />
IEO launch<br />
Marketing for retailer and consumers.
White-paper creation for<br />
Blockchain development<br />
Techonomic &amp; IEO preparation. Partnership development, investor<br />
relationship-building, Team building.
Blockchain technology evaluation<br />
for reckoon. Market Research<br />
Marketing &amp; Strategy Development.
Design and MVP development. UK marketing and PR for retailers,<br />
shopping malls and consortium
Idea evaluation<br />
concept creation<br />
<br />
Reckoon company establishment<br />
Trademark registration<br />


Paul Soanes
Retail Industry Advisor
Tudor Stomff
Head of Sales & Marketing
Rishipalsingh Chauhan
Head of Finance , R&D
Nili Misra
Co-Founder Data, Strategy & Operations
Priya Vrat Misra
Founder & CEO
Charlie Faulkner
Simon Wajcenberg


  • (ROOK)
  • Blockchain: ERC20
  • Accepted currencies: eth
  • Whitelist: No