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Uranus will essentially be the Uber and Airbnb of the computing power space. We want to connect hundreds of thousands resource contributors and users, and application developers. An expandable public chain and distributed-container technology will seamlessly link together computing resources, providing all users with efficient, low-cost, and decentralized computing services.
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2019/Q2: As platform contributors and users grow in number, the Uranus project will become increasingly prominent. During this phase, a comprehensive ecological strategy will be launched that enables more industries and collaborators to participate in application creation and contribution, engaging in a mutually beneficial relationship with the Uranus ecosystem.
2018/Q4-2019/Q1: Release commercial versions V2, V3, and V4 in accordance with the number of users (in the order of 10,000, 100,000, 500,000 users). After the computing-power resource pool reaches a commercial level, the involved industries and application scenarios will be further enriched, and computing-power resource contributors will obtain more revenue. At the same time, with the further maturation of the platform and increase in trading volumes, trading income will be generated.
2018/Q3: Complete closed beta test and release a community version; users may register their own computing power devices and use a small number of verified applications.


Zhou Shao
Chief Financial Technology Advisor
Haiming Yang
Chief Large Scale Resource Platform Management Advisor
Haining Zhang
Chief Cloud Computing Advisor
Liren Chen
Chief Scientist
Zou Jun
Chief Blockchain Expert
Sheng Liang
Chief Container Expert
Xiaonan Song
Expert at Distributed System /Grid Computing
Xiliang Ma
Distributed System/Grid Computing Expert
Yongqiang Yue
Distributed System/Grid Computing Expert
Zhen Xing
P2P Transmission Technology Expert
Andrew Dong
Distributed System/Grid Computing Expert
Shishuang Wang
Software Architecture and System Architecture Expert
Chao Chen
Distributed System/Grid Computing Expert
Dr. Yi Tang
Cheng Zhang
Senior Expert at Blockchain
Yaowen Chen
Blockchain Expert
Mingbo Li
Software Architecture and Algorithm Expert
Fei Li
Xinhao Lv
Peng Zhao
Zishang Wang
Michael Meng
Halley Han
Chief Architect
James Jiang
Chief Executive


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