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UTime Token

The Global Chinese Elderly Care Public Welfare Foundation (“The Foundation”) will launch its own time token, “UTMT” and build a blockchain-based time banking platform for volunteers, a reciprocity-based service trading system in which hours are the currency. In the meantime, the Taiwan Utime Elderly Care Foundation (currently undergoing registration), as the Foundation’s starting point of its global deployment, will establish a time banking system model in Taiwan. It is the first time banking system aimed at elderly care for Chinese people and will be extended to other Chinese communities around the world. By issuing UTMT, the Foundation is calling on Chinese cryptocurrency communities to do charity and jointly build up the first global Chinese elderly care time banking system. When they or their family members or friends need care services, UTMT holders may convert their UTMTs into regional UTMT.OOs (where OO stands for a region) to exchange for locally provided services.
  • Charity
  • Health


The time token platform modules will be completed and go live.<br />
Regional foundations in Taiwan, the United States, and Singapore will be established.<br />
The Foundation is registered, launches the official ICO white paper, and carries out a global ICO for UTMT.<br />
The Foundation's founding team is established.<br />


David Chen
Board Director
CF Chou
Technical Advisor
CJ Lin
Executive Team
David Lin
Technical Advisor
Hungyi Chen
Board Director, Co-founder
Alan Chien
Board Director
Chih-Liang Yang
Duan-Rung Chen
Board Director


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