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CryptoFlow Developments

CryptoFlow Developments has a setup like no other in that it allows for the constant funding of more and more development projects without limitations.

Once involved in a project you will be able to monitor its construction in realtime via live video feeds as well as monthly progress reports on how projects are developing in terms of budget and schedule directly to your user profile.

Website and App will come with a fully integrated user-friendly interface to allow customers to easily invest in new projects both locally and globally within a few clicks.

Property Development investment has never been made this easy before.

Each project is accessed by CryptoFlow Developments to make sure the proposal put forward can be met. Full project costings will be analysed and the achievable profit outcome and time frame will be taken into account to get the best return for our investors.

Projects will be proposed on different levels with slots to suit different investors. To invest in a project you need to purchase CFD coins directly from CryptoFlow Developments. These coins are then locked in the required slots. Once the project is complete CryptoFlow Developments will then purchase those coins back from you at a value related to the initial investment plus the percentage of profit made on the project after taxes and fees.

No project will go ahead unless the funding of the milestones are reached. As your investment is locked into a property you will always maintain that security.

As more and more projects become available for the funding rounds they will be posted under the projects section. In there you will be able to see the amount of funding needed for each project, the expected return, timeframe and the cost per slot.
06.01.2020 - 10.08.2020
  • Real estate


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Ben Marchant
Online Marketing Manager
Colm Doyle
Operations Supervisor
Andrew Silverman
Operations Manage
Barry Doyle
CEO & Founder


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