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DogData uses the blockchain and a P2p token ecosystem to manage decentralised Dog care practises. Improving Dog welfare and saving Dog Owners Money. DogData leverages the knowledge and experience of Dogs breeders using advanced technologies and a gamified system to make Dog welfare rewarding. DogData is the first platform tokenizing exchanged community interaction or knowledge and experience Data. Rewarded with Dog breed specific suggested product and service discount tokens that create an ecosystem through Dog life data analysis (AI). DogData empowers blockchain technology for registry of Dog births erc721, infinitely securely recording immutably Dog life data, including Rabies and Corona virus vaccination immunisation blood test dates. has launched in 2020 five functional MVPs using blockchain, erc20 tokens and erc20 cryptocurrency aiming to modernise and decentralise the multi trillion-dollar Dog industry
18.05.2020 - 20.05.2020
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Smart Contract


DogShow entry through social media and Mobile app<br />
Insurance marketplace<br />
Dog Breeding Industry Business management software<br />
Dog Groomers Work cam<br />
Online Virtual DogShows
BestinInShow Exhibiting Algorithm (AI)<br />
DogsOnTour Accommodation Marketplace<br />
DogTaxi Travel Marketplace
Facebook DogPage builder<br />
Rabies vaccination Blockchain retailer partnerships<br />
Deep, users Dog Data analysis<br />
DNAHunter Breeding Algorithm (AI)<br />
Puppy Police virtual pet watch<br />
Dog sales using crypto through Marketplace<br />
DNAHunter Dog Breed finder. (AI) MVP<br />
User private profile and wallet development<br />
DogDate app Event ticket sales launch<br />
EtherBone IEO (ETHBN)<br />
P2p completed Smart Dog Sale contract welfare milestone token rewards<br />
DogExpert ASK and ANSWER P2p tokenized knowledge exchange<br />
Launch 4Dogs suggestive marketplace (AI)<br />
DogExpert blog development<br />
Launch Smart Dog Sale Contract MVP<br />
DogDate Mobile app MVP in AppStore and Play<br />
Round 1 seed investment completed<br />
Develop and Launch PedigreeChain Microchip and immunisation blockchain<br />
EtherBone ETHBN smart contract on Etherscan<br />
Create GTM plan<br />
DogData.CH website launch<br />
Team development<br />
Etherbone ETHBNT smart contract on Etherscan<br />
Mobile app development<br />
Digital DogID design<br />
Token model development<br />
Market research development<br />
Team development<br />
DogData.CH homepage design


Maria Gorskaya
Designer UI/UX
Sheng FuLai
Biometric Technology Developer
Dennis Rogovski
Frank Desifone
Chief Crypto Investor Relations
Mohana Sundaram
Blockchain CTO
Ksenia Obukhova
COO Listing
Thomas Melchior
Richard Dene Hill


  • (ETHBN)
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Accepted currencies: eth
  • Whitelist: No