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ECOMI is bringing 4 products to market, with two hardware devices and 3 apps:

  • Secure Wallet (completed)- At the size and thickness of a credit card, this true cold storage wallet is never wired to an online device, and can store private keys for 20+ currencies, NFT's and DApps.
  • ECOMI Collect (see The MVP of the ECOMI ecosystem, a platform to bring licensed and recognisable digital collectibles to the mainstream.
  • ECOMI One- an all in one payment card solution, combining secure cold storage with everyday convenience. Can store 20+ crypto's, fiat, and any NFC enabled card e.g. loyalty cards, existing credit/debit cards
  • ECOMI Vault- a SAAS solution combining decentralised storage with cryptographically protected access for all your sensitive data + information


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