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As cyber threats are growing at an exponential rate, modern cybersecurity solutions are reactive, outdated, and ineffective. Recent advances in AI-based threat protection are promising but are almost exclusively deployed to large corporate applications, placing the technology out of reach of the people who are most vulnerable to attacks.

HEROIC is taking a new approach to AI-Powered threat protection. Utilizing big data, artificial intelligence, and the blockchain, HEROIC will power the next-generation of cybersecurity and make AI-based threat protection universally available.

As users are intelligently protected against cyber threats, they are also compensated for seamlessly contributing anonymized threat data back to the network making everyone more secure.

The HEROIC Ecosystem and the HRO Token (pronounced hero) will become a new standard used throughout the entire cybersecurity industry to globally ensure security, privacy, and trust.
01.05.2020 - 14.05.2020
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Milestone 5 - Production Releases. Arc Reactor. Desktop & Mobile Agents. Guardian Appstore. R & D Marketplace (DApps). AI-Powered Threat Scoring Engine.
Milestone 4 - Beta Releases. <br />
Platform Specific Beta Releases.<br />
Proof-of-Threat (PoT) Protocol Alpha.<br />
System Trials.<br />
Security Testing (continuous).<br />
Language Support.<br />
Documentation & Tutorials.
Milestone 3 - Alpha Trials.<br />
HEROIC Arc Reactor.<br />
Standalone Node Software.<br />
Desktop & Mobile Agents.<br />
Command line tools.<br />
Guardian Mobile App Release.<br />
Addition R & D Platform API’s.
Milestone 2 - Guardian Release. Public Release of HEROIC Guardian. Unified cybersecurity platform. Credential Protection. Identity Protection. Cybersecurity Education. Basic R & D Platform. Basic Documentation. Initial API’s. Developer. Partner Program.
Milestone 1 - Token Sale & Exchange Listing.<br />
Referral Program.<br />
Smart Contract Implementation.<br />
Token Sale.<br />
Token Exchange Listing.<br />
HEROIC Guardian Early Adopter Release.


Spencer Montgomery
VP of Business Development, Previous Microsoft Blockchain Ambassador
Joseph Hall
CISO - Previously at Sophos, Symantec, Dell and Amex
Tammy Bennett
Office Management
Truman Proctor
Customer Support - Community Management
Ganesh Dharmawat
Senior Software Developer - Blockchain
Sagar Acharya
Senior Software Developer - Blockchain
Wyatt Semanek
Marketing & PR - Previously with Qualtrics &The Walton Group
Jake Kendall
Client Success - 12 years of leadership experience in customer support
Dave McDonald
COO, Engineering - Previously with Dell, Motorola, and Nortel.
Chad Bennett
CEO, Chief Architect - 3 x Inc.500, 15+ Year Cybersecurity Professional, Hacker/Coder
Curt Jeppson
Security Architect WLKR. Past VP Security at United Online
Lee Johnson
Former President Alpine Ventures
Garrett Gee
Founder Acquired by SnapChat
Marc Glasser
25 Year U.S. Government Professional. Founding Partner Muir Ventures
Teri Klug
Former Director Econ. Dev. Corp of UT
Jeff Flamm
CEO Infinite Mind
Ryan Lewis
Founder BYU Blockchain Summit
Tricia Shumann
CEO PitchHealth. Harvard/MIT
Baha Masoud
VP of Engineering at MicroFocus, NetIQ and Novell.
David Bradford
CEO at FluentWorlds. Former CEO of Fusion-io & Hirevue, SVP and General Counsel at Novell.
John McClurg
VP & Ambassador Cylance. Past CISO at Dell, Honeywell & Lucent. 10 years with the FBI


Required Investments:

Soft cap:

2 500 000 USD

Hard cap:

15 000 000 USD
Total token supply:
1 000 000 000 coins


  • Whitelist: Yes